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  • What does it mean to be a Hunter?

    I have to talk with people a lot. Listen them carefully. Be patient. Trying to understand what are their goals. Analyze information. Create the solution. Be fast. Be focused. Don't lose a sense of humor. Be confident. Be strong. Be very patient. Use modern technology. Always remember about confidentiality. Be a star. Have fun.


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  • About Me

    I'm a Senior Consultant Russia and CIS at theXecutives and Moscow Office Head. I was born in Podolsk, Russia in 1979.


    I studied history at the Moscow Pedagogical University, and live in Moscow to this day with my wife and two children. I began my career in the recruitment business shortly after my graduation in 2001. Having progressed from a Recruitment Consultant position to the role of the Executive Director at the Russian recruitment company 3R, I co-founded MarksMan, the management selection firm in 2005.


    Today MarksMan is a notable player in the Russian recruiting services market that successfully implemented hundreds of complex projects. MarksMan’s clients list includes major international corporations of Fortune 500 as well as the largest and most successful Russian companies. During the next nine years, I served as Managing Partner and was responsible for developing client relationships, company’s recruitment projects, marketing and staff development.


    In 2014, I joined TheXecutives with a main goal of developing large, complex recruitment and talent acquisition projects for the company’s key partners. Since January 2016 I was promoted to theXecutives Moscow Office Head.


    I'm fluent in Russian and English and passionate about my family, networking, music, books and road trips and travel.


    Founder / Senior Consultant

    2016 – Present

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    Senior Consultant Russia & CIS, Russian Office Head 

    May 2014 – Present

    The joint story of TheXecutives’ team begins in the early 2000ies when the key members of the team started working together under the Neumann brand.

    Leveraging on decades of cumulated knowledge and following the 2012 buyout of Eastern Europe business shares from the firm Neumann, it soon became apparent to us that full independence would best serve our vision of the new art of executive search and the recruitment business.

    We are extremely proud of our history and we build on this heritage and the long-lasting continuities in our profession and team set-up in order to cultivate further our relationships with clients and candidates


    • Origination and management of executive search and complex recruitment projects for Russian and international clients. 
    • Business development and coordination for Retail and FMCG practice within Russia and CIS region. 
    • Supervision of office operations in Moscow, Russia.

    Managing Partner


    Mar 2005 – 2017

    Since 2005 as Managing Partner, Mikhail leads the firm with a focus on setting and enabling the highest levels of professional standards and client service — all with the aim of delivering outstanding results for our clients.
    Mikhail has extensive experience in conducting CEO, COO and division/group/operating leaders for multinational and Russian companies.

  • what i can do

    Things I've picked up over the years

    Executive Search

    Retained executive search, tailor made service covering C, C-1 positions


    Passionate networker on-line and in a real world


    Hundreds various projects completed for global market leaders and Russian major companies

    Business Development

    Great experience in attracting new customers (B2B) and building long-term relationships

    Career Advising

    Talent Acquisition

    Building nice and effective hr-brand and search strategy to attract best talents in industry

  • A real Hunter must be a Networker!

    With no doubts, Hunter should be a good networker. It just necessary if you want to be a good professional.


    Personal meetings are the best. Conferences, exhibitions, business parties are the best place to establish new promising contacts with the candidates and potential clients. I try not to miss some of the most important events to see my colleagues, partners and new friends. Individual meetings more than welcome too.


    21t Century gives us outstanding opportunities to built a new connections 24/7. The Earth is round and you never know who and when will help you to solve your problem, answer your question or give a good advice.


    I welcome any good connections in Social Media, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. The network become stronger the more filaments in it and the more it can catch.


    Join me on LinkedIn and Facebook and let's be stronger together!

  • "Networking is not about just connecting people. It's about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities."

    Michele Jennae,

  • Digital Era developing dramatically!


    Internet is everywhere, smartphones, laptops, fablets, tablets... Virtual Reality is coming soon! All these words was unknown just 15 years ago, but now it is a reality. I love everything about new technology and digital solutions a lot.

    Unfortunately I haven't IT education, so I got only practical knowledge and personal experience. I'm not a geek but I truly enjoy by all these stuff.


    I was on the of the first entrepreneur in Russia who decided to run all business using only cloud technology powered by Google Apps in 2009. It was 100% right step and I never regret about that decision. Google was happy, I was happy and impressed by results.


    I know how to change approaches to data management in recruitment business and make it efficient, modern, convenient and low-cost. CRM, ATS, databases, contacts management, sharing documents and recruitment project integration. I'm happy to share this experience with you!


    Social Media are essential part of my business and life too. I prefer Facebook and LinkedIn as a most powerfully tools to create a new connections with people, personal and professional both.


    Messengers makes our life much much easier. WhatsApp, Viber, FaceTime, Telegram, Skype, Slack etc. I like all of them and prefer to use in work with my colleagues, candidates and clients. I think these part of communication tool will increase and develop rapidly coming years. I can't wait when I can use VR technology in my daily work. Will be great I think.


    Apple, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Amazon are great companies with a great products. I'm not brand-addicted person and respect all of them. Good luck fellows, waiting for more new brain-blowing inventions.

  • "I grew up in a physical world, and I speak English. The next generation is growing up in a digital world, and they speak social."

    Angela Ahrendts , Apple Inc.

  • Hunter loves silence!

    Indeed no one likes a noise when hunting. Everything should be done quietly and gently. This is the fundamental basis of my job.

    Confidentiality is equal to reputation. Reputation is equal to trust.

    Candidates fairly expect it. Client insist on it. Even me doesn't want to to talk to much to avoid unpredictable situation.

    Everything about confidentiality is very complicated. Commercial secrets, privacy, legal aspects, competitors war,envy of colleagues ...It's just like a detective story usually. I have met the most intricate and exotic situations.

    My experience helps me to balances between mystery pitch and valuable information. That is why I can't say a lot about the position, company's name, salary range and so on.

    I got used to it and know how to satisfy the curiosity of the candidates and how to escape from uncomfortable questions. Hundreds of cases like that have been in my career. I learned from my mistakes and I'm good now. I take care about the secrets of my clients and never get my candidates in wrong!

  • "Confidentiality is reputation. reputation is trust."


  • Clients & Projects

    Some of my dear Clients I'm proud to work with

  • references

    Vasily Kutsevol

    Country Head of Recruitment Department (Veropharm) – Abbott

    Mikhail Torchinskiy one of the best executive search experts I’ve ever known. He is very professional, very flexible in difficult cases solving, always engaged, always result-oriented with extensive knowledge of Russian and International labor markets. It was several successful projects with him. I would recommend any company and candidate to work with him.

    Sergey Biryukov

    HR Lead – Middle East, Africa, Russia & Turkey at Accenture

    It is a real pleasure to work with Mikhail and his team over last two years and enjoyed the high level of tailored client approach combined with the dedication, recruitment service delivery and partner way. I believe that this set of qualities made him and his team a successful recruiting Partner in challenging Russia business environment.

    Gersom van der Spek

    Senior HR Lead Adidas Russia

    Mikhail and Marksman proved to be exceptional in the recruitment agency field in Moscow. I would recommend any company to work with him personally. A good business approach, reliable, hard-working and real partnering with his clients. A great person and company to work with!

    Allen Suvorov

    Retained Executive Search Consultant at Allen Austin (Houston/Moscow)

    Talented businessman and wise decision maker. Always focused on the goal. Action oriented. Eager to share knowledge. Bright role model for any team member.









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